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Winter 2012 - Updates

"Dream Of A Nation: Inspiring Ideas For A Better America": This compelling book presents essays from 60+ organizations and thought-leaders, providing solutions on issues ranging from ending poverty to improving government, and from protecting the environment to promoting responsible business practices. The Bipartisan Bridge's essay, "Bridging the Political Divide", is among writings by Vice President Al Gore, Alice Walker, Paul Hawken, Frances Moore Lappé, Common Cause, Center for American Progress, Public Citizen, Environmental Defense Fund, New America Foundation, and Union of Concerned Scientists, among others.

Autumn 2011 - Updates

On the day that the bipartisan debt ceiling deal was announced in August 2011, the flurry of comments from lawmakers included two that stood out, both for their candid assessments of the agreement, and for the stark contrast between them.  ....Read More

Winter 2010 - Updates
  One year into President Obama`s stewardship of the country, bipartisanship remains a central theme and objective of his leadership and his Administration. However, the nature...Read More
Spring 2009 - Updates
  The ground has shifted.  With the inauguration of President Barack Obama, the discussion surrounding bipartisanship and post-partisanship has taken on dramatically new dimensions... Read More

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