The Bipartisan Bridge
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The Bipartisan Bridge

Restoring Effective, Collaborative Government


Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and third-party adherents must act together to advance bipartisan, non-partisan, and post-partisan collaborative policies and respectful working relationships within our government.  Whereas elections are designed to be competitive and combatitive, there is no need -- and indeed no justification -- for continuing that ethic into the process of governing, once an election has determined the composition of our legislative branch, and installed leaders atop the executive branch.  Americans of all political orientations must be welcomed to act together to enact sound policy, reestablish our nation's confidence in our leaders, reclaim our government's moral high ground, and reassert our preeminence within the world community. To achieve this, Americans do not need to abandon their party affiliations or their principles, nor create a centrist party.  Instead, we just need to commit to working together.

The Bipartisan Bridge

It is imperative that we collectively craft realistic prescriptions for a win-win agenda that will appeal to Americans of diverse political philosophies. The cornerstone to progress is a flourishing of practical solutions, ideas, and initiatives that are ripe for collaboration. Such an endeavor must be undertaken with an eye to achieving mutually shared goals while accommodating the beliefs of diverse political factions. In so doing, partisan tensions could be mollified during the lawmaking process, in deference to mutually agreeable objectives, while deferring combativeness to the latter stages of the electoral calendar. Focus must be placed on policies and win-win dynamics that aim to constructively advance the quality of life of all Americans.


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