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Bipartisanship Is Pragmatic And Is Rewarded By Voters


Some partisans may be inclined to assail such an initiative as being impossible, impractical, or simply naïve. Yet, such assertions are usually made out of a lack of effort, creativity, goodwill, or willingness to abandon cynical and malevolent perceptions of political advantage. The attachment to institutionalized political tribalism has spawned a vast array of negative consequences and needs to be abandoned. Bipartisan and post-partisan action transcends naïve notions of harmony by providing pragmatic alternatives. As polls indicate, those who step up and lead the healing process are the ones most likely to be rewarded by the electorate. To those who are bold enough to collaborate across traditional barriers, the mantle of leadership will be bestowed. Americans hunger for those who recognize that, despite their differences, all parties can, should, and must work together toward mutually agreeable policies that benefit the people who they are elected to serve.


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