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A Political Alchemy to Benefit All Americans: 50 Bipartisan Policy Ideas


To contribute to the process, an offering in this domain is provided via the tab in the left margin entitled "50 Bipartisan Policy Ideas”.  It contains a series of ideas that are together entitled “A Political Alchemy to Benefit All Americans: 50 Bipartisan Policy Ideas", written by Brad Kane (the Founder / Editor of The Bipartisan Bridge) in the years leading up to the 2006 launch of The Bipartisan Bridge.  They contribute to the quest for bipartisan and post-partisan ideas to illustrate the point that there are many issue areas on which Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and others can collaborate.

Each idea-chapter first provides the background of an underlying issue or challenge facing our nation, and then offers bipartisan initiatives, ideas, and solutions that government leaders and the electorate can use to address the issue. Each idea-chapter aims to be pragmatic, constructive, and thought provoking, and seve as a catalyst for thought and action by others. Some ideas offer new concepts, such as budget options other than taxes and budget cuts, and a framework for deterrence to civil war, while others address ongoing public policy debates, such as health care, and governmental reform. Individually and collectively, they seek to initiate dialogue and neutralize the traditionally entrenched opposition that prevents constructive progress.


The ideas in these chapters do not claim to be an exhaustive panoply of the options for bipartisan action, nor do they purport to be the best options. Instead, they just aim to jump-start the process, as examples of what can materialize when people of good intention put aside their partisan ideologies and join together in a collaborative effort to advance shared objectives.  Hopefully, they will be diminished in number and quality by the ideas posted by others on the tab entitled "Your Bipartisan Ideas". 

The idea-chapters within "50 Bipartisan Policy Ideas" have not been scrutinized by the Congressional Budget Office for fiscal estimates, nor has every point been documented by academic reports. They are not a panacea, and not everyone will agree with every idea. Indeed, just because an idea is bipartisan or non-partisan in nature does not mean that it won’t face any opposition. People of all political persuasions can agree on policy choices that address problems in an industry, which may not go over well with members of that industry, if they resist change. For example, ideas to reform government can be supported by the Republican and Democratic citizenry, yet their elected leaders may still resist reforms because of their vested interests.

The Bipartisan Bridge

But hopefully, most people will agree with the underlying objectives and message: that bipartisanship and post-partisanship must flourish if our government is to get back on track, and that mutually agreeable policies are attainable. These idea-chapters merely aim to catalyze the process.


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