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The Bipartisan Bridge - 50 Bipartisan Policy Ideas


Editor's note: The following ideas, initiatives, and solutions were written in the years leading up to The Bipartisan Bridge's 2006 launch (and have not been revised). They aimed toward bipartisan and non-partisan applicability, and they focus on issue areas and ideas that are of interest and benefit across a broad spectrum of political philosophies, to enable collaboration across party lines.


Section 1: Enhancing Government Revenues and Budgeting

01- Another Option: Going Beyond Tax Hikes and Budget Cuts

02- Federal Budgeting Should Learn From Family Budgeting

03- Think Global (Competition); enAct Local (Innovation)

Section 2: Bolstering Citizen Involvement in Government

04- Politician Report Cards: Consumer Protection

05- Democracy's Next Evolution

06- A (Pork) Barrel Full Of Law-fs

Section 3: Enhancing Government Accountability and Efficiency

07- Exempt From The Rules: Defense Contractors?

08- They May Be Different Branches, But It's The Same Tree!

09- "But You Said You Would!", Said the People to Their Government

Section 4: Improving The Workings of Government

10-   Shuffle The Deck: Republicans & Democrats Working Together For Meaningful Public Policy.

11- Congressional Reform That Rocks The House….And The Senate

12- Our Government Is Wasting Time And Taxpayer Money On WHAT?!?

13- Benevolent Negotiations: Oxymoron For the 2000s

Section 5: Promoting Security, Safety, and Peace

14- With Terrorism, Not All Talk Is Negotiation

15- Being Prepared Takes Everyone's Involvement: Prevention, Then Response

16- Tiptoeing Toward Peace In Palestine: Interdependence

17- Choosing Civility Over Civil War

18- Wars Between Countries: Turning Antagonists Into Allies

Section 6: Improving Health Care

19- Where Doctors, Hospitals, Health Plans, Government Regulators, and Patients Can All Agree

20- When You've Got Your Health INSURANCE, You've Got Just About Everything

21- Services Versus Profits: What Is Really Ailing Our Health Insurance?

22- War on AIDS....For Real, This Time

Section 7: Improving Corporate Practices

23- Corporate Responsibility Scorecards

24- But It Was 20 Cents Lower Just Yesterday!

25- Nutritional Labels Outside the Home

Section 8: Addressing Technology and Media

26- Open the Spigot: Bits and Bytes for All the People

27- First, There Is Talk, Then There Is Double-Talk

28- Media Neutrality: The Blind Trust Network

29- Helping Small, Family Farmers Put Food On The Table: Smart Farms

Section 9: Promoting Core Values

30- National Value #1: The Right To QUALITY Of Life

31- Is There Any Room For A Middle Ground?: "Relationship Education"

32- Darwin Revisited: From the Classrooms to the Courts, And Back Again

33- Cease Fire in the Cloning Wars: The Regeneration of Human Tissue

Section 10: Expanding Equality and Equal Opportunity

34- Response to Racism: F.C.E.C.s

35- Response to Racism #2: Americulture

36- The Federal Government Helps Those Who Help Themselves

37- Required For Government Assistance: Commit or Forfeit

Section 11: Building Sustainable Communities

38- Community Transformation Through Business Principles

39- Pollution Solutions #312 and #313

40- Happy Healthy Housing

Section 12: Promoting Criminal Justice

41- Although Crime Doesn't Pay, Criminals Should

42- When The Death Penalty Is Too Lenient: Criminal Sentencing In Proportion To The Crime

Section 13: Boosting Youth Development for Leadership

43- Helping Students With Their "3 Rs": Research, Reports, and Relational Databases

44- Job Fair For Those Too Young To Work?

45- They Can Teach, Too: Tapping the Creative Power of Children

46- The Third Thousand

Section 14: Advancing Education For Tomorrow's Leaders

47- Course #1 -- Ad Nauseum: Mass Media Consumer Protection

48- Course #2 -- Serve a Meal, Tutor a Child, Staff a Shelter, Build a World....

49- Course #3 -- High Schools As Factories of Graduates, Or As Labs of Life?

50- Course #4 -- The Menace That Is Materialism



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