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Current Nominee for "Bipartisan Leader of the Month"

President Dwight D. Eisenhower

Nominee for Bipartisan Leader of the Month

This unusual nomination arises because of the very timely pertinence of President Eisenhower's visionary words which he offered over fifty years ago.  They are just as fresh and relevant for contemporary America -- in light of the partisan divide over the current deficit reduction negotiations -- as they word when first offered.  Specifically, President Eisenhower is honored for his 1953 "Chance For Peace" speech (in which he articulated the social cost of military spending by comparing the cost of military equipment to the number of schools, power plants, hospitals, roads, bushels of wheat, and homes that could be provided through alternative uses of the funding), and his 1961 farewell address (in which he warned the nation about the impact that the "military-industrial complex" has on national spending).


Past Honorees for "Bipartisan Leader(s) of the Month"

New York State Senators Mark Grisanti, Roy McDonald, James Alesi and Stephen Saland

Co-Nominees for Bipartisan Leader of the Month

These four Republican State Senators boldly voted in favor of New York's "Marriage Equality Act", which enabled it to be passed in the Senate and signed into law by the Governor.  In so doing, these four Senators resisted strong pressure from within their party and from outside interest groups to vote against the bill.  They chose instead to vote in accordance with their principles and their evaluation of political dynamics beyond party politics.


Senator Olympia Snowe (R-Maine)

Nominee for Bipartisan Leader of the Month

Senator Snowe has consistently been willing to negotiate across the aisle and consider supporting legislation that she believes is in the best interests of the people of Maine and the country as a whole, regardless of the party affiliation of the Senator who sponsored the legislation. Although her votes most often correspond with those of her Republican colleagues, on various occasions her votes have joined those of the Democratic majority, even on some contentious issues. In addition to the casting of votes, she has a track record of leadership in her willingness to work collaboratively, negotiate, and craft palatable compromises.


Senator Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) and Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine)

Co-Nominees for Bipartisan Leaders of the Month

The article titled "Ranking Senate Partisans" posted to the online version of The Hill newspaper on April 20, 2009 ranks the most bipartisan and most partisan US Senators according to a survey conducted by the article's author, J. Taylor Rushing. In the article, Rushing identifies Senators Ted Kennedy and Susan Collins as the most bipartisan Senators currently serving in the Senate. Accordingly, the two Senators are jointly nominated as Leaders Of The Month.


Senator Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.)

Nominee for Bipartisan Leader of the Month

Senator Hagel, who was highly decorated for his US Army service in Vietnam, took principled stands on the Iraq War that courageously challenged the approach embraced by other leaders in his political party (including the President), calling for more appropriate strategies and eventually for US extrication from the conflict.



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