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The Bipartisan Bridge - Leader of the Month - Criteria for "Bipartisan Leader of the Month"
Objectives and Submission Criteria


In its quest to promote the principles of bipartisan governance, the Bipartisan Bridge seeks to encourage officials to advance bipartisan and non-partisan policies, and implement programs in a bipartisan / non-partisan manner. In so doing, this site actively enlists the help of its readers in identifying leaders who are at the vanguard of this effort, so that such officials can be showcased and applauded for their leadership.

The Bipartisan Bridge

Readers are asked to nominate leaders who embody these principles, who have some or all of the following characteristics. Nominees may be:

  • either an elected or appointed official;

  • currently serving in government, formerly serving in government but still participating in public policy discourse, or outside of the domain of government yet still advancing policy positions in the public domain;

  • involved in any level of government decision-making or policy formulation in the US: federal, state, or local;

  • involved in any branch of the government: legislative, executive, or judicial;

  • affiliated with any political party or no party at all: Republicans, Democrats, Independents, or members of a third party;

  • vocal on positions that are not defined by party loyalty, and which may even boldly diverge from those of their party leadership;

  • initiators of positions that provide long-term advantages for large cross-sections of the electorate, rather than for short-term political expediency;

  • initiators of positions that are in the best interests of American society as a whole, rather than narrowly tailored to the interest of their constituency;

  • builders of bipartisan coalitions among their colleagues, or active participants in bipartisan coalitions;

  • developers of bipartisan policies that have brought together traditionally-divergent interest groups toward a common goal; and/or

  • initiators of, or regular participants in, bipartisan working groups that explore collaborative solutions through constructive dialogue.

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