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The Bottom Line: The Objectives And Message of This Website


The objectives of this website are to serve as a catalyst for bipartisan and post-partisan thought, and create a community of Americans who are dedicated to restoring effective government based on enactment of sound policies which benefit all sectors of American society. In addition to jump-starting the process with "50 Bipartisan Policy Ideas”, this site aims to inspire readers toward generating their own bipartisan / non-partisan / post-partisan initiatives, be a home for the ideas of others, and encourage action on them. It seeks to contribute to the national discourse, and promote the concept, process, and policies of collaborative governance. It especially speaks to America's youth, who are frequently disillusioned by the partisan gridlock of those in power, and who have the greatest stake in transitioning toward constructive, productive, and hopeful avenues out of the abyss. It aims to spawn a culture of positive collaboration with broad participation, and showcase leaders who are committed to these objectives.

The underlying message is that bipartisan, non-partisan, and post-partisan solutions are achievable, and, by working together on a palatable agenda, diverse political factions will become predisposed toward cooperation on other governmental matters that are today held hostage by partisan gamesmanship. Relationships will be built while focusing on mutually agreeable policy issues that benefit millions of Americans. There will also then be less of an inclination to engage in political warfare over the daily duties of government such as passing appropriations bills, and establishing the procedural rules for the consideration of legislation, both of which have led to undignified combat in recent years.

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