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Bradford Kane has spent most of his career in both the Federal and California State government, often developing policy initiatives and solutions which sought to, and successfully did, bridge the partisan divide. Much of his work brought together political factions, business interests, and citizen groups that usually did not collaborate, resulting in many mutually agreeable compromise solutions. He has elicited insights from an extensive array of officials of all parties at the Federal, State, and local levels, and has been involved in a broad range of topics.

Following law school, Brad began his career working in Congress, serving as Legislative Counsel to Congresswoman Cardiss Collins (D-IL), and as Counsel to the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Commerce, Consumer Protection and Competitiveness. The issue areas on which he focused included health insurance, the expansion of equal economic opportunity for minority-owned and women-owned businesses, environmental protection, national defense issues, handgun control, telecommunications, governmental efficiency, international affairs, finance, child care, product liability, and environmental justice. During this time, he also served on the President's Health Care Task Force. Subsequently, Brad served the State of California as Deputy Controller, Legislation, focusing on fiscal and accountability issues, and as Deputy Secretary for Information Technology, involved in the full spectrum of technology and telecommunications issues.  He was a member of the Task Force on Television Measurement, evaluating the impact of Nielsen Media Research Corp.'s television ratings methodologies on minority communities.  Brad has also been a Vice President of a consulting firm, and consulted on technology and advocacy initiatives, with an emphasis on bridging the Digital Divide, broadening the reach of broadband and wireless connectivity to underserved communities, advancing e-health, and developing economic development tools. Recently, he served as the CEO of the International Commission on Workforce Development (which is focused on bridging the Digital Divide in developing countries, as well as within marginalized sectors of the U.S.); Director of International Development and Director of Strategic Initiatives for TechSoup Global (which strengthens non-profit organizations and NGOs in the US and globally by equipping them with technology knowledge and donated software, hardware, and services); and a Strategy Council member of the United Nations Global Alliance on ICT ("information and communication technologies") and Development.

Brad is concerned by the trend of many writers and commentators that propagates degenerative “red-meat” politics, in which they fuel divisive ideological antagonisms, throwing political hand grenades from the sidelines. Instead, he aims to be a constructive voice, providing avenues to more effective, efficient, responsive, and collaborative governing, that diverse factions can support. Brad believes it is necessary to usher in an era of "political alchemy", combining diverse viewpoints to develop win-win issues and positions. Also, as the future of America is always in the hands of its youth, he believes in inspiring younger generations to take an active role in charting the future course of our democracy, encouraging them to craft solutions, and preparing them for leadership roles.


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