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Criteria For "50 Bipartisan Policy Ideas"


Each idea-chapter found within the tab entitled “50 Bipartisan Policy Ideas” has been developed according to the following criteria:

  • Each addresses an issue that is either already the subject of significant public discourse, or which has the potential to generate substantial interest and resonance within the general public discourse;

  • Each addresses an issue with potentially broad-based public policy impact, which can benefit and appeal to the preponderance of the population, if not all Americans;

  • Each puts forth one or more constructive ideas, solutions, or initiatives which would impact Americans in a positive way, without creating wedge issues, divisiveness, or advantages for only a sectoral base of the electorate;

  • Each puts forth one or more ideas, solutions, or initiatives that are either innovative in and of themselves, or synthesize existing notions in a novel fusion for innovative impact;

  • Each puts forth one or more ideas, solutions, or initiatives which are compatible with (or, at least, not in conflict with) the mainstream tenets and philosophies of Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and adherents to most third parties;

  • Each seeks to contribute to constructive public discourse on the appropriate and beneficial roles, processes, operations, and/or policies of our government; and

  • Each seeks to inspire creative thought and action by interested citizens, government officials, and the young Americans who will be our leaders in the future.

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